Here’s the thing about dealerships – they sell hundreds of cars every month. If you are a dealership, beware of how frustrating the shipping process of such cars can be.

Good news is Karma Auto Transport offers great solutions for all your shipping needs.

  • Our services are cost-efficient
  • As always, we transport nationwide, at affordable rates
  • We keep dealers and their clients informed every step of the way. No exceptions.
  • We track every single vehicle so that we always have the shipping status of your vehicles while they’re in transit.
  • Communication is key! We keep in touch with our clients at all times as we know transporting their vehicles is a serious matter.
  • Our experience ensures the safety of your vehicle at all times.
  • We ship approximately 100 cars a week, specifically for our dealerships and their clients.
  • Our prices are absolutely unbeatable!
  • We understand the dealerships’ need to sell cars nationwide which is why our trustworthy and affordable services are their best bet.
  • If we charge a dealership less, the said dealership will be able to afford selling more cars. A win-win!