What can we say, we're an awesome pack of car shipping experts. We value your trust and we make a habit of earning it time and time again
with our impeccable services. Our vast experience in this field, as well as our passion to always do our very best both guarantee that we know how to get the job done.


Phil Harper

Car Shipping Coordinator

Phil grew up in Chicago, IL. He graduated with a double major in Marketing and Accounting from UIC and started out working as a leading coordinator and manager at a car Chicago-based car shipping company. Thanks to his ambition, drive, and background in business from UIC, Phil became an integral part of the company he worked for soon after he joined the team.

He was quick to start making the changes the company needed to become one of the best car shipping companies in the US. One of his biggest accomplishments has to be the website’s online shipping calculator.

The calculator in question turned out to be crucial as it increased revenues more than three times in a very short time frame.

Thanks to his business background, Phil has a knack for understanding what a company needs in order to be successful nowadays. His main objective has rightfully been to not give up until the customer is completely satisfied with the provided services. His new business strategy motivated everyone in the company to strive for customer loyalty which can only be achieved through respect and honesty.

As a customer, you can be assured that Phil’s ambition and reliability will provide you with the best customer service imaginable.

Nick Donovan

Head of Dispatch

Nick has been in the car shipping industry for over two decades. He started out in the late 80’s by shipping cars in Europe. He was a driver of a small three-car hauler, shipping vehicles from Germany to Eastern Europe. Upon his arrival in the US, he was already in the know about everything car shipping-related.

Nick started working in car transportation from the very beginning and has contributed greatly to our company’s success. His many years of experience in the industry helped point the company in a new, better direction. Nick quickly realized that the industry had an enormous potential, due to the growing interest in online car sales in the US.

Having had a first-hand experience in the business, Nick quickly realized that the increase in online car sales could only mean one thing – higher demand for car shipping. Back in the late 80’s, he suggested that his company should have an easy-to-navigate website that will allow customers to arrange the shipping of their vehicles online. His idea changed the company for the better and helped it evolve. Thus, the company became one of the biggest door-to-door car shipping companies in the United States.

Bill Larson

Sales Manager

Bill grew up in San Diego, California.

He graduated from the University of Phoenix with a B.A. degree in Communications and Marketing. While he was pursuing his degree, Bill applied for an internship at a big car shipping company. He knew he wanted to move to Chicago after college and figured the company in question was the best possible choice for him. Thanks to the experience he gained, Bill was able to utilize his skills in business and communication he’d acquired during his time at university.

He started working as a car shipping coordinator in the Fall of 2011.

His dedication and hard work guaranteed his success from the very beginning and he quickly established himself as a key figure in the company. He exceeded the weekly goals set for him by the management team. Weekly car transportation sales increased by 17% in the first few months after Bill joined our team.

After nine short months, Bill was promoted as a lead car shipping coordinator. His great work ethic served as an example of the rest of our team members.