Exotic Car Transport

If you own a collection of exquisite vintage cars, then you are clearly passionate about your vehicles. We are fully aware of this which is why we strive to keep your beauties in pristine condition during the transportation process. You can be certain that we never settle for anything but the very best when shipping your retro vehicle – every step, or mile, if you will, of the way.

We only use wheel straps. After carefully and securely loading your vehicle in one of our trailers, we never use chains that encircle the car and can inflict unnecessary damage.

Thus, why we only use wheel straps.

Our company is 100% insured. What this means is that in the highly unlikely scenario of anything going wrong, you will be fully covered. After all, you’ve paid for the very best shipment in the country.

You will receive a condition report from the driver. If your vehicle has been damaged in any way during the transportation process, do not hesitate to file a claim with our insurance. Be sure to take pictures of the damage.

Please note that we recommend Enclosed Car when you need transportation for your classic vehicle. Think of enclosed shipping as transporting your vehicle in a garage on wheels. Your car will be protected from the environmental elements (think along the lines of rock chips, rain, storms, etc.) and you can be sure its pristine condition will be preserved.

We’d say we’re not ones to brag but being the best in the business leaves very little room for modesty. We only hire the very best, reliable drivers to ensure that your vehicle will be safely transported. We value reliability and honesty, just like you do. After all, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate to upkeep!

This company is by far the best car shipper I have ever used. I have been shipping my vehicle from Florida to New York over the past seven years. This year, I decided to try a new company as the old one I was using started getting too expensive. I recieved a free online quote from Karma Auto Transport and it was very affordable. The price was so good, that I decided to call them in order to make sure that there are no hidden fees or costs. Their customer service representative was friendly and assured me that the price I recieved online is their final price. I booked my order through their website and everything worked out great. My car was picked up and delivered on time and their online price really did turn out to be the final price. Great service at great prices.

George S.

Everything about their service was very simple. They gave me a quote, picked up and delivered the vehicle on time. Prices were great, I will be coming back to use them again in the Summer.

Lisa S.

I booked with Karma Auto Transport to ship my vehicle from New York to Arizona. After I made the reservation, I had to make changes to it. I was not able to book my flight on the dates that I wanted, so I had to change my whole schedule. Karma Auto Transport moved my pick up date by a whole week without issues or additional charges. I will be using them again in the future.

Brandon T.

Very, very customer oriented car shipping company. From the first time that I called them, to the final delivery of my vehicle everyone was very friendly. They really wanted to make things simple for me it was greatly appreciated. Karma did a great job for me, you should try them for yourself.

Chris W.

I recently shipped my car from Los Angeles to Chicago using Karma Auto Transport. They were great and their driver was a true professional. I took pictures of my vehicle before it was picked up and upon delivery and they did a great job. My vehicle was safely delivered on time. Thanks Karma Auto!

Ron F.

I had no sleepless nights knowing that Karma Auto Transport is transporting my vehicle. They kept me informed every step of the way it was a very hassle-free process. Their driver was very careful loading and unloading my vehicle and that really impressed me. Karma was a great choice for me and I will be using them next time I need my vehicle to be transported.

Heather S.

My vehicle was delivered to me one day ahead of schedule, which was awesome! I was not expecting it, but it worked out great, as I was able to save money on rental car fees. The driver delivered my vehicle to my front door and that was aboslutely perfect for me.

Andrea P.

Karma Auto Transport was great to work with from start to finish. I was updated every day on the status of my vehicle and I had absolutely no issues with this car shipping company. Good job Karma!

Judy F.

I contacted Karma Auto Transport to ship my car from Chicago to Phoenix. Their customer service team was very helpful and they made the whole car shipping process very easy. They walked me through everything and it was a pleasure to work with them. Their driver was a true professional and overall a very friendly person. My vehicle was delivered in perfect condition and it only took them three days to get the vehicle to Phoenix. Their price was very affordable and I will be using them for sure again in the Fall.

Michel B.