Keep in mind

Auto Transportation Insurance

Insurance is one of the most fundamental factors to keep in mind when choosing the best car shipping company for you. It is of utmost
importance that the transporter is 100% insured. If anything goes wrong during your car’s transportation process, the last thing you need is to be held responsible!

Remember: car transportation companies have different insurance policies, so make sure to thoroughly research the insurance policy of the company you’re thinking of hiring.

In case of an accident, will your own insurance be billed first or is the car shipping company’s insurance primary? If it isn’t primary,
your insurance will be billed for any expenses first. The transporter will cover whatever’s left to cover.

In order to avoid a potential rise on your insurance, always make sure to check the transporter’s insurance!

Karma Auto Transport is 100% insured. In the very unlikely eventuality of anything not going according to, our insurance will cover your
vehicle 100%!

Car Shipping Prices

It goes without saying that pricing is pretty high on your list whenever you have to choose a car shipping company. After all, there’s no need to spend a small fortune on something like this.

However, be sure to never trust a company that offers unrealistically low prices. If they’re able to offer such services at too low a price, it means they’re probably cutting costs by not investing in good equipment and qualified drivers.

Always consider your company of choice’s reputation and ratings. That should give you a pretty good idea about whether they’re deserving of your trust and money.

Cancellation of Auto Transportation Appointment

Sadly, the cancellation of an auto transportation appointment can sometimes cost you hundreds of dollars. Make sure to find a company that will not charge you in the eventuality of something unplanned taking place at the last minute.

At Karma Auto Transport we understand that life is dynamic and plans can therefore change. We’ll never charge you for it. You read that
right – we do not have a cancellation fee! We believe you should only pay after we’d gotten the job done well!

Auto Shipping Payment

There are a few things to consider when thinking about how you’re going to pay your auto shipping payment. For instance, some companies do require a deposit while others may accept payment upon the delivery of your vehicle. The companies that do require a deposit will also require you to pay the rest when your vehicle is delivered. As this can lead to quite a few problems and complications, we advise you to entrust a company with a pristine reputation with your car shipping needs. It’s always better to pay the entire amount at once, instead of worrying about how much you’ll have to pay once you have your vehicle delivered.

Karma Auto Transport requires that you make a one-time payment in full. All we want is for the process to be as hassle-free for you as
possible. We accept all methods of payment too!